Sunday, January 20, 2013

Opening Night

I keep writing and re-writing this post to try and give it the effect I want, but honestly, I think I'm getting rusty, because I can't seem to do it justice.

  Long story short, opening night of "The 39 Steps", the front half of the bed collapsed. With me and the lead character sitting on it.

  We did our best to keep our composure; bracing ourselves for the strange new angle that we had to contend with, working muscles I didn't know I had in attempt not to slide off. We managed not to snicker for overly long, and put on our game faces to continue pretending to eat Styrofoam sandwiches.

  In any case, the audience seemed to love it. Afterwards, many congratulated us on keeping our composure, while a select few complimented our set designer for building a collapsible bed. Live theater, huh? Gotta love it.

  Anyway, that about sums up my weekend.

  Sorry about my lack of bugging you guys lately. Laptop issues, they should be fixed in about ten business days. Right now I'm risking my old laptop going nuclear, because the bed thing seemed so hilarious in my head. Maybe you had to be there.

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  1. Oh, that is funny! It must have been so hard to keep going as if nothing was amiss.