Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Party Animals

  McKay worked late last night and missed the last bus home. Which meant Lincoln and I got to drive a half-hour to Corvallis to pick him up, and then another half-hour drive home.

  We had planned a Lord of the Rings marathon, but since it was already 8 by that point, we decided to just stick with the Fellowship, since the extended version would end about midnight. Then we would have some Martinelli's and toast in the New Year.

  We made it to the end of the first disk. Well, I did. McKay fell asleep somewhere in the first hour, while I asked a bunch of technical questions he didn't know the answer to. Like, are wizards born? Can they reproduce? What IS Sauron, race-wise? Why are giant eagles always so willing to do Gandalf's bidding, yet he seems to forget about the possibilities there unless he's about to die?

  For the record, I think I would make an excellent hobbit.

  Anyway, by the time the screen said, "Insert disk two", I pulled out the Martinelli's, had a nice swig, dragged the mostly unconscious McKay to bed and promptly fell asleep myself.

  It was 10:30.

   How did you guys ring in the New Year? Probably not as awesomely as us.


  1. According to Justin, Wizards are not born. He says that for lack of a better term, they are similar to Angels. you have to read the Silmarillion to understand it, which maybe if you have, that might have inspired the question because I cannot understand Tolkien. Sauron is in the same kind of category as the wizards, he's like a spirit, except this guy named Morgoth decides he wants to become evil (kind of like Satan) and Sauron is one of his lesser demons. lol wow Tolkien put way too much thought into this universe.

    1. Ooh, thank you! So, is Sauron in Morgoth's body or something? Or his puppet?

  2. We went to sushi for dinner and I decided that we are not taking Olivia out to eat with us anymore. Then we came home, watched Team Umizoomi, put Olivia to bed and waited for Adam's parents to get home. And waited, and waited. Because I wanted traditional Swedish pastries that I missed at Christmas and she promised me some for New Years. At 9:30 I just couldn't take it anymore and I went to bed (I didn't sleep the night before, dang caffeine), only to hear them come in at 9:45. Too bad, I stayed in bed. At 11 I got up to yell at Adam for turning up the volume on the TV too loud. This morning I kissed him and said "Happy New Year". Aaaaaand that about sums it up.