Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing Big's Going On, So Here's All the Little Things

  I'm watching Cheers on Netflix. It shocks me to my core that Kelsey Grammar was actually once attractive.

  I had a nightmare the other night. It involved vampires working in a Jamba Juice. If they wanted to suck someone's blood, there was a particular ritual they would do involving a strawberry smoothie. I trapped the worst of them in a magic paper coffin.

  I'm back to writing my book. I'm thinking I might put an excerpt on here soon. Please be kind if I do.

  Any good book recommendations? I'm feeling ghost stories right now. Like, the kind that's scary enough to give you goose bumps, but not so scary you look under your bed for weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It helped. I like the fact the coffin was made of PAPER. Nothing wards off the undead like...paper. I don't really read ghost stories because then I scream whenever Livi walks in my room at night. I really like the Vampire Academy books by Rachel Mead (I know it's is young adult but I can't handle adult themes right now). I've also really like the Hallows books by Kim Harrison which ARE adult and a little spooky and supernatural but not ghost stories per say, but great characters. This is a little much for a comment, so I will stop now that I sound like one of Mom's voice messages.