Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 10: My Most Embarrassing Moment

  My entire life is pretty much a giant embarrassing moment, let's be honest.

  I actually already answered this in the last 30 Day Challenge I did, although that one was the Most Awkward First Impression I've Ever Had. It covers both of them, though, and I remember thinking I was quite funny when I wrote it at the time, so you should click on the link and read it.

  Other than that, there was the time I fell down some stairs, which opened up to the main quad at school. All my friends would regularly hang out right at that particular area, too, and they found it highly amusing. I found their amusement amusing, and also a bit disconcerting. I mean, they are supposed to like me, right?

  OOH, I thought of a good one I haven't told you yet, though! It's slightly disgusting too, which I think gives it a bonus.

  I was on a date with a guy I'd thought was cute for a very long time. We were at the movies.

   I had a scab on my arm that had been driving me nuts for a few days, so I did what I secretly hope everyone does with scabs when they're bored: I picked at it.

  I finally got it off and flicked it at the floor (yes, I was contributing to the grossness of movie theater floors. Sorry).

   Unfortunately, my aim was off, and I flicked it on my date's leg.

  Did I mention he was wearing shorts?

  He totally felt it.

  He gave me his best WEIRDED OUT face while rubbing his leg. And yeah, he was looking at me.

  He totally knew.

  For my part, I stared resolutely at the screen, pretending to be oblivious and hoping he'd think the scab I flung on his leg was in his imagination.

  We never went out again.

  Tell me your embarrassing stories! Especially if they're date-oriented, I love a bad date story.

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