Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 20: Three Significant Childhood Memories

   Hey, I'm a trend starter! Who would've thought? If you want to see the other people doing the Thirty Day Challenge, click here for my sister's blog, here for my brother's, and here for my cousin's. They're all much funnier than me, too. Darn it. If any of you other bloggers out there were wanting to do this as well, by all means, please do! I meant to say that from the beginning, I'd love to read your answers.

   Anyway, back to today's question. I'm going to skip the "significant", and just stick with the "childhood memories" bit. You can decide if they're significant or not. And, really, thinking about it, most of my childhood memories are snippets, not really complete thoughts, and not that interesting when told in detail. But here's some tastes of my childhood:

  My brother James and I were playing in the bar area of the huge house we lived in for two years. Since we're, you know, all Mormon-y and whatnot, the bar was an area of the house that was hardly touched. James and I were playing Bartender or something, though, and James kept ordering half-and-halfs of lemonade and chocolate milk. After the third one, I asked, fascinated and disgusted, if it actually tasted good. "No. It tastes terrible." He said, and vomited shortly after.

  Acting out the "This Isn't My Idea of Fun" song from "Swan Princess" with my brothers.

  Singing and talking to myself in the backyard.

  Playing Alligator and Colors in the pool with my siblings.

  The time I laughed so hard I fell off the kitchen counter where I was perched and hit my head. Mom was crying because I got wrong how many fingers she held up and I just felt so, so sleepy.

  Car trips, watching old "Simpsons" episodes on the mini TV Mom and Dad set up for us. Also, always, always spilling the Fun Dip Mom bought for me for said car trip. Every time I would promise I wouldn't spill and she would cave, and I would inevitably spill that sticky powder everywhere. I love Mom even more thinking about how she always bought it for me anyway, even though she probably knew in her heart of hearts it would happen again. You can't trust me with not spilling, even today.

  Telling Kellie she could have my Beanie Baby collection when I died and she yelled, "I can't wait!".

  My sister Nicole practicing cheers with me in the pool. She would launch me in the air and I felt like I was flying.

  What are some of your childhood memories that've stuck with you?


  1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that would talk to myself in my backyard!

    Most of my childhood memories have been changed with growing up. Like when I was little I remember one of my neighbors leaving forgetting all of his stuff. I thought he went bankrupt or something. Apparently, they got arrested for making crystal meth. lol

    I remember playing lion king in kindergarten and me and this other girl wanted to be Nala, but they stuck me as the mom. I was not happy.

    I also remember playing a lot of barbies.

  2. Oh my gosh, Kellie's comment is cracking me up! I imagine like an 80 year old woman getting a huge truck load of beanie babies.

    I wanted to do this 30 days too, but I kept thinking of things to write first. . . but I'll probably do it eventually! :) After reading yours I always want to go write my own post about the same topic.

    1. Yeah, I feel bad, I think Kellie was hoping I'd drop off a lot sooner. In my will I plan on specifically stating all my Beanie Babies go to her, but if she wants to just pick her favorite one, that's cool, too.