Tuesday, May 7, 2013


  I'm writing again. Really writing. I finally finished my book outline, and in the last week or so I've written about 20 pages. Pretty good pages, too. I'm really excited about it.

  For my midterm paper for Modern American Literature, my teacher always gives a creative option. I've had this teacher five times, and this is the first time I've taken the creative option. When handing back papers, my teacher paused with mine and said she wanted to talk to me about it.
  "Was it bad?" I asked immediately.
  "No. It was damn good, Julia. Damn good." She wanted me to perform it for the class.

  I'm happy when I write. There aren't many things that come naturally to me, but writing is one.

  I so want to be an author.

  So, so much.

  I feel small admitting that. Why am I embarrassed? Why do I feel like I need to apologize?

  I'm going to go back to my book now.

  . . . Thanks for reading, guys.
 I mean it.
 Thank you.


  1. I think I've posted about this before. I feel the exact same way about wanting to be an interior designer. Like someone is going to point at me and scream FRAUD!

  2. Don't be embarrassed! I love your blog writing :) And writing is totally legit!!

  3. No apology necessary. Follow your dream! I can't wait to read your first published book.

  4. YOu should be. I am a complete blog stalker because you are such a great writer. I feel so stupid writing my blog on the same writing prompts as you and James and Nicole for so many reasons but one is that you are such a great writer and my entries are so blah. James is so funny and Nicole does so many amazing, interesting things! You guys really took more than your share of the talent and skill gene you know that right?

    Really, Julia, you are talented. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. I LOVE your blog and reading your answers, Meg! I was so happy when you started doing them. You are a brilliant writer.