Monday, June 24, 2013

Primary Graffiti and Quotes

 For those of you who are not Mormon aficionados, "Primary" is where the eleven year olds and under go during the second and third hours of church. I teach the seven year olds, but that's not relevant to this post in any way other than that's how I get the scoop on Primary goings-on. Oh, and just so you know, "Sunbeams" are the youngest group in Primary. They're two or three, I can't remember. Anyway, ON WITH THE FUNNY!

Primary leader: What is the Holy Ghost?

Sunbeam: If ghosts scare you, you can just run away and go "AHHH!".

* * * * *

Primary Leader: Oh, one imortant announcement: teachers have next week off.

Me: Sweet!

Girl in My Class: Hey!

Me: I mean . . . we'll miss you guys.

* * * * *

And now, my favorite: Primary graffiti. Some child wrote in marker on one of the cork boards. See if you can decipher what it says.

 In case you can't read it, it says "hefle fothr Love's me."

  I spent much of my time focusing on the first two words, and concluded the child must have just been practicing random letters. Once I noticed the "Love's me", though, it quickly came together. "Heavenly Father loves me". Pretty much the most hilarious graffiti of all time. So I have decreed, so it must be.


  1. haha i died. hefle. thanks for sharing!!

  2. It must have been my years of handwriting deciphering, but I got it. "hefle fothr Love's me"--that is the best graffiti ever!