Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thoughts of Lincoln

 "I do not wish to get any closer to you than I currently am. Please take me away, Swing."

 "Slave, you are going to be quite sorry when we reach my people and I tell them you disallowed my free speech of hitting. Now giddy-up."

 "This creature is large and humorous! Ha ha ha!"

 "While you two sit around doing SQUAT, I do the real work around here. Pushing my six-wheeler. In circles. Like a MAN."
 "See this guy? I like this guy. He's fluffy, and smaller than me. Cool guy. And when I pet him in the special way he loves that's like soft-ish hitting, he likes to give me high-fives with BOTH PAWS AT ONCE. Special bond here. Yup."
 "Male bonding going on here. Please leave now."

 "Yeah, I've been in a firetruck before. Saved ten people and a puppy. True story. What, you don't believe me? Take a step back. Now."

 "I take this very seriously. The hat . . . it's symbolic. Of redness. And seriousness."

"I'm trying to show my happy face. I think my face is breaking."


  1. Lincoln, you are truly hilarious.

  2. Haha perfect! What a cute, precocious little kid. :)

  3. I loved this. My face almost broke last night. I was trying to put on my happy face, too! I love that Lincoln, he is so cute!