Friday, July 19, 2013

Crazy Canucks

  Alright, one more post on Canada. Last one, I promise. For this year, at least. 

  After two straight days of flooding, we were all kind of like this:

  Maybe not that dramatic, but yeah. There were eight children in there who were unable to really stretch their legs for two days. So we decided the next day to go to a nearby-ish mall. And, man, Canadian malls are WEIRD.

  I didn't get a picture of it, but there was an entire grocery store in one part. Which struck me as odd. Then there were also the following:

  A whole store for popcorn.

  "New York Fries". Because, yeah, New York is totally known for its FRIES. Not pizza or bagels or any of that. Fries all the way. Also, they served them with gravy. Which it doesn't get more Canadian than that.

  Also at the mall was a girl's clothing store called "GARAGE" which, from the jean-heavy clothes, to the neon sign, right down to the soap writing on the walls, was an almost exact picture of every teen Nickelodeon show in the 90's.

  This was actually taken in the airport, not the mall, but I was astounded that not only did they have an old arcade that seemed to mostly consist of pinball machines, but they had TWO of them. That's right. There was another "Flippers" on the other side of the airport. 

  Oh, Canada.

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