Sunday, July 14, 2013

Canada Vacation Photo Dump

 The mason jars have gone too far, guys.

 Lincoln was the one to pull the hat off the shelf and put it on his head, but do you know how long it took to get a picture that wasn't a complete blur? TOO LONG, GUYS. TOO LONG. But here it is--baby in a cowboy hat. Almost makes it seem worthwhile.

 It's impossible not to take a gorgeous picture in Waterton. I know I've said that before and I WILL SAY IT AGAIN AND FOREVER. Also, how cute is Lincoln in a vest, right?

 Livi, Ebby, and Autumn posing at Waterton Falls. Nicole told Livi to give her best pose, and Livi IMMEDIATELY did the arm-over-the-head. I wish I had that confidence.
 Especially since this is the only picture I got of myself while in Waterton. I should've tried the arm thing, too.

 One time, it rained SO HARD and SO LONG, the crystal clear lake became clear as mud. It was shocking. I probably took about twenty of these pictures on my way to the airport.
 Also about fifty of THESE pictures because flooding, guys! Major, major flooding!

That's a CAR in there. FLOODING, guys! Isn't it crazy?

  I didn't take a single picture of golfing, or of our main source of recreation, board games (I miss the board games . . . ). Or of many things. But I got the mason jar goblets and the all-important flooding, so we're good, right?

  Also, I'm on page 189 of my book, suckas! I might actually finish this thing by the end of the year. Ooh, just got a shiver typing that. And it's dang hot, so you know it's for reals. 

  Also also, currently addicted to Mass Effect 3. And *SPOILER* Thane, why would you charge a guy with a sword when you have a friggin' GUN? Don't you know that the advantage was yours, he brought a SWORD to a GUN FIGHT. *sigh* Thane . . . 


  1. What did the mason jar people want to do with that? lol

  2. Love this post. Glad you could go and sorry about the FLOODING!

  3. Interesting post, thanks for sharing your holiday experiences with us,nice post.