Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Birthday List

  Hey, my birthday is in a week and a half! It's a bit shocking to me, actually. I've forgotten to count down from, like, a month ahead, which is my usual gig. Is this what being an adult does to you? Lame. Anyway, I know I'm turning 23 and nobody likes you when you're 23, but in case you readers wanted to get me a little somethin' somethin', here's my birthday list this year! (Note: I don't really expect you to get me anything. I was always one of those little girls who had a grand old time circling the items I wanted in the toy magazines, and I've never quite grown out of that.)

1. Nerdy clothes and gear
"Calvinball" is sold here at REDBUBBLE.

  Really, I have a shocking lack of Doctor Who merchandise that I've been meaning to remedy.

Time Machines shirt from BustedTees, which you can buy here
"Part of Every World" at REDBUBBLE, buy it here. Or you could get it as an iphone case. I have the iphone 5 model . . . . just sayin'.
  Some shirts I love, but the design seems to have the male body in mind rather than the female. So, for those of you who love me a $2.50 amount, I also love stickers! (no judgment there. I'd probably love me a $2.50 dollar amount, too.)

This adorableness is sold here at REDBUBBLE.

2. Books. I frequent the library semi-regularly, and these are the ones that I love enough to add to my growing collection (I re-read a lot).

-The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy by Clare B. Dunkle. The covers look really stupid, but they're so good. Like Twilight, but with goblins and elves instead of vampires. And better written. (Sorry, Stephanie Meyer.) I think I've mentioned this before, sorry for the repeat.
-Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. It's one of those fluffy, happy Victorian-era books that makes you squeal with delight as you read. Literally, if you're me. She's got a new book out, Blackmoore, that I would be happy to receive as well, if you're so inclined.
-Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale. It's the sequel to Austenland, and I'm dying to re-read it, especially after recently watching the movie of the first book.

3. Jewelry.

I really want an anatomically correct heart necklace. I'm not sure why. I just think they're awesome.

Sold on Etsy by billyblue22. Find it here.
  This one is awesome, because it's HARRY POTTER and steampunk. Love.

Buy this awesomeness on Etsy from ifcool here.
Get this piece of rad on Etsy, sold by pier7craft here.
  Also, I'm craving an ear cuff. I've been wanting one since this dinner we had for the cast and crew of 39 Steps, and one of the guy's girlfriend had one. I think I creeped her out because the whole dinner I kept staring at her ear and thinking how awesome it was. I love earrings, but my ears are so sensitive I can't wear them for long periods of time. These babies wouldn't give me the same problem, since they require no piercing!
Just somethin' simple. I don't need no elaborate dragons on my ears. This one hardly costs more than the sticker, too. Buy it on Etsy from MySisterShop here

Slightly fancier one. Also on Etsy, this one from ravenevejewelry. Buy it here

 I'm also slightly obsessed with cameos right now. I like the traditional ones, but isn't this thing freaking adorable?

On Etsy from OneFortyFive, buy it here.

   What's on your wish list right now?

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  1. I disagree with the label "Boring to everyone but me" because I like this post. It's smart. But now I need to know who got you things already ahhh!