Friday, October 4, 2013


  A FULL-BODY RASH! Aren't I the lucky one?

  Turns out I'm allergic to some medications. It'll probably last a week or so. They also told me my skin could eventually peel off like a sunburn. Oh, baby!

  To make myself feel better, let's look at some pictures of fall going on!

It was so cloudy it was like nighttime when I took this pic, guys. Oregon-style!
One of my favorite parts of fall is the leaf confetti on the ground. So pretty!

   Hmm. Still not feeling great about the rash on my birthday dealio. Let's try some Lincoln pictures!
I had to document this because it's the first time Sylvester has every willingly laid on Lincoln's lap. BUDS. Lincoln, after being assured that Sylvester did not want to be laid on as well, did some excellent petting.
This was Lincoln's present to me this morning. 

  Any of you have unexpected birthday surprises?


  1. Hopefully not like yours! :-) Hope you're better soon.

  2. I got called into work on my birthday, at around 8am a girl called me out if a dead sleep and I answered thinking naively that she was gonna wish me a happy birthday but instead I got "Can you pick up my shift" my birthday falls on presidents day so we ended up getting slammed, meaning guests came into the restaurant like a mad mob! Priceless!!! I'm sorry to hear about your rash though :( maybe an oatmeal bath will help