Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Newlywed Game for FHE

Me: If you were to buy me a wig, what color would it be?

McKay: Black. You wanna know why?

Me: Uh, sure.

McKay: Because you're already blonde! Ha! Also, your eyelashes are so black and pretty.

Me: My eyelashes are half blonde. That's mascara.

McKay: Oh. Well, your mascara is so black and pretty.


Me: What's my astrological sign?

McKay: Scorpion! Wait, no. Is it a lion? Wait, I'm a lion, aren't I? Are you . . . a book?

Me: I'm a Libra, and you're a Leo.

McKay: Yeah, lion. And isn't Libra a book?

Me: [rubbing my eyes] It's scales, McKay.

  This is making McKay look kind of stupid. So let me just say now, McKay is extremely intelligent, and when he starts talking about his work, my face goes slack and drooly because it's all sciencey gibberish to me.

  That's why these moments need to be documented.

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