Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Psychologist's Field Day, or I'm Not Sure What's Wrong With Me, Either

 Here's a dream from a few nights ago:

  I was in seminary. But instead of the cheap plastic chairs we really had, our classroom was full of high-tech equipment and the chairs were space-age-y eggs that faced each other in rows. There was really nothing seminary-like about it, since we didn't have scripture search games or anything like that, but the kids from seminary were there, at least. Sort of. Many were eaten by a mysterious monster that spat out creepy replicas that were far too friendly. Fortunately, that wasn't pertinent for the rest of the dream.

  We all went on a treasure hunt of sorts. We received lockets with a sailboat carving inside. A clear clue telling us to go to THE OCEAN, duh. Once there, we spotted a rope leading to the depths, so we swam/pulled our way down to a large room, full of thousands of locks (no water, at least, though). We then had to search for the lone key, and discover which lock it went to to win the treasure or whatever. I was successful rather quickly, but as I turned the lock, I woke up.

  Dreams are jerky jerkfaces like that.

  Still, it was better than my last dream, which involved (trigger warning?) a man with telekinesis forcing millions of people all over the world to kill themselves. My friends and I formed a suicide pact after I saw in a pool of prophecy how we would all die violently. But, on the way home from the pharmacy where I picked up our needed suicide gear, I ran into the monster man himself. We then had a knife fight, where I had to make the conscious decision to stab him (my dreams are EXTREMELY vivid, so this was a disgusting, horrifying decision). After a few, terrified jabs, though, he laughed and said, "Okay, that's done."

  And then he sliced my thumb off.

  I knew then that I would die that horrible, bloody death that I foresaw.

  And then I woke up! And told my loving husband, who said, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

  I envy those people who have "I was in my underwear in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL" nightmares.

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  1. I hate nightmares! I can't usually remember all the details like you can, but I know they are equally bad to this. I had the worst most vivid dreams after Olivia started sleeping through the night. I guess it was my body's way of thanking me for finally sleeping more than three hours at a time.