Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rash, Day 2!

So, here are three pictures of my arm. The first picture is from the beginning of the day, the second around noon, and the last a few minutes ago. I think it's progressing quite nicely.

One . . . 
Two . . . 
  See, it's funny 'cuz in this last one, it almost looks like it's cleared up or something. WRONG. That sucker is ALL OVER ME. Those tiny white patches? Those are the ONLY PARTS NOT RASHY. All those little spots have multiplied into what is essentially one giant spot. All over me. My face looks like it's sunburned. MY RASH IS EATING ME, GUYS.

  Fun stuff! All I can think is . . . Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? (dontcha? Dontcha?)


  1. This looks like a rash I had when I was given some antibiotics after Olivia was born. I don't remember it itching or bothering me, other than freaking me out. Does it itch?? I hope not! Poor girl. :(

    1. It was an antibiotic for me, too. It's starting to itch a bit today, but not too bad. It actually looks like it's cleared up a good amount since yesterday, I may get out early from the week-long scenario my doctor said was likely.