Thursday, February 6, 2014

Disneyland! Sometime in November? I think?

 I think this Disneyland trip was during Thanksgiving. The problem with getting really far behind in blogging is that it all becomes a jumble of events that are mish-mashed in your phone camera.

   Every time he goes to Disneyland, McKay likes to go to the Animation place thingy (that's technically in California Adventure, whatevs). They have this section that teaches you how to draw a small bit of animation, and it takes a long time if you do more than a bouncing ball. McKay drew a guy confronting Prisoner Zero from Doctor Who. It took a while.

  Unfortunately, the boxes where you draw different thingymagigies weren't laid out super well, either, so this video doesn't show how awesome McKay's work is.
  My boys get handsomer and handsomer. Me? You'll never know! I'm the one always taking the picture! BWA HA HA!
  McKay and Lincoln with cousin Autry and Grandpa Rulon! I wanted to get a picture of Lincoln and Autry in their coordinating hoodies (are those not the cutest hoodies you have ever seen in your lifetime?), and McKay was trying to get Lincoln to smile by beeping his nose . . .
 Which did not lead to a smile, but did lead to self-nose booping.
  Autry had this face often. It made me laugh. Also, she had fuzzy boots! FUZZY BOOTS, I TELL YOU.

  This trip to Disneyland apparently did not include a single picture of my mom, James, Jes, Jared (just about everyone in my family's favorite friend) or myself. Oops. It was super fun, though! Thanks Mom and Dad for an awesome time.

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