Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lincoln the Model

  At one point when visiting Colorado for Christmas, we found ourselves at the mall. Lincoln proved that he has a future career in modeling.
 He makes those glasses look good. Or at least hilariously adorable.
   Cuddling with Grandma Terri. In glasses.
   Eat your heart out.
   McKay was trying to indicate that if you kept your head up, the glasses would stay on better. Which of course led to this . . .
 Ahhh. That's one relaxed pose.
   I can never get enough of Lincoln in a hat. He picked this out himself.
   This is at some Cabela's-type hunting superstore. The kids section is like Disneyland, but with way more weapons. Given the way Lincoln preferred holding the rifle, I think he may have some dangerous tendencies.
We put the bell on him so we could hear him running away.

  I'd try to pull this post together with some funny after-commentary, but I'm too tired. Pretend I did and give a hearty laugh, though.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! Love him! He is so so cute in that cowboy hat and bell!