Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bucket List or Wow, I'm Kind of a Freak

 1. Write a book. Someday I will find the motivation!

2. Be in the Shakespeare festival. I don't care if I'm the one hawking the tarts and Shakespeare-bust lollipops, I just love that festival. I've wanted to be in it since my age was in the single digits.

3. Own a tame fox. They have them in Siberia, check it: I'll just have to save up for a while! Okay, a long while.

4.  Learn to sew a dress all by my big self. 

5. Go to France and stuff my face with pastries the entire time.

6. Make an awesome fondant cake.

7. Get my Bachelor's degree. Lately I've thought about settling for my Associate's so I won't have to transfer again, but I really want that degree. 

8. Have an apricot tree. I know, I'm a boring person to have this on my list, but I eat apricots like candy. My dream house won't be complete without one. Or two.

9. Renovate a house. I have romantic visions of painting walls in ratty old jeans, my hair in a ponytail, listening to the radio...

10. Learn to dance. I don't have to be great, I just have to feel like I'm not embarrassing everyone in my vicinity.

11. Take a road trip and stop at all the weird stuff. Like the museum dedicated to My Little Ponies or Bear World.

12. Sleep in a haunted hotel. McKay has already agreed to this one. I love my husband.

13. Run a mile. Pathetic, but I've never been able to run a mile without taking (numerous) breaks. Or do it under ten minutes. I'll just be happy if I can do the first one.

14. Finish Les Miserables. Gimme a break, it is a freaking long book!

15. Become really, really good at something. I don't even care what, just something that other people would ask me advice about because I'm so awesome at it.

Looking at this list, I feel like I know myself again.
I am a nerd.


  1. My Little Pony museum? I'm so there.

  2. Julia, it is scary how much we have in common.Every one of these things is on my "bucket list." Every. One.

  3. No freaking way! You joshing me?? Even the Shakespeare Festival and the apricot tree? DUDE!

  4. I am so with you on so many of these it's scary! Try to get as many of them crossed off your list before you have kids, because after that, you're lucky if you get a shower some days! Seriously.

    Love ya!
    Aunt Christie

  5. Not apricot, but lemon. And yes! The Shakespeare Festival is the bombbbbb.