Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 2-ish: Something That Inspires Me

   Um, yeah. Sorry about that week-long break there. We were waiting for our internet set-up in the mail all week.

  SO! Back in business. Something that inspires me. I should probably say something really profound here, but the two things that immediately jump to mind are 1.) plays and 2.) Julie and Julia. I know most people didn't really enjoy Julie and Julia, but I felt an immediate connection with Julie (which is probably a bad thing because most people hate Julie. I sure hated her when I read the book!). But over the summer, trying and failing to write my book constantly, Julie was inspiring to me. By the end of the movie, I was always immediately motivated to get cracking on that book again! But then I'd open Word document and the despair would set back in. But, still, for those couple hours, I was inspired and motivated. Weird, but true.

  Plays. I love plays. My parents have taken me to the Shakespeare Festival almost every summer since I was seven. Even then, when I had to whisper to Andrew constantly, asking what was going on and what they said meant, I loved it. I loved the bright costumes, the elegant sets, the raw emotions, the other-wordly language. I still do. But, hey, just in case one of you is getting the idea that I think I'm really cultured because I like Shakespeare, keep in mind Julia and Julia. And the fact that I include cheesy musicals in the category of "plays that inspire me". They make me want to run a mile to get an edge off of my energy, and (you can ask my husband), I'm not exactly a fan of running. I suddenly want to take dance, art, acting, singing, any class I have to to be included in something so magical.

 Huh. And you know what I just realized? Here's my schedule for this school year:

-Modern Dance
-Beginning Art
-Beginning Acting

 If these weren't the result of being last to sign up for classes, I would think this is a sign.

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  1. I've never seen that movie but you have inspired me to see it! I love Meryl Streep when she plays really outlandish characters