Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Three: Five Songs I Would Take on a Desert Island

  You know, this one would have been a lot easier 6 months ago, before my computer was wiped and I lost all of my music. Or even 2 months ago, before it was wiped a second time (accidentally) and I lost all of my CDs that I had painstakingly re-loaded. Boo. Because of this, I don't listen to music nearly as much as I used to. But, from memory, here would be the five I would choose:

 1.) "Koop Island Blues". Seriously, look it up and listen to it. PERFECT desert island song. You can feel mysterious, sexy, AND lonely, all in one song! Not that that would help much.

2.) "Shine" by Take That. My old roomie introduced me to this song, and I've had a heck of a time trying to find it anywhere. It's from a 90's British pop band, and the closest I could find was a karaoke re-make that sounded semi-close. So I downloaded it, and it makes me bop around every time I listen to it. And, really, when you're on a desert island, you're gonna need something to pick you up.

3.) Pretty much anything by Rufus Wainwright, or however you spell it. His voice is soothing, and a little haunting at times. In particular, I have the one that Corinne gave me in mind. It's in French, something about staricases...? Anyway, it's a good one for contemplating things.

4.) (gosh, this is getting freaking hard without my playlist!) OK, one of my current favorites: "Suck-ceed" by Rooney. I'll probably get sick of this one in the next month or so, because I like to listen to it over and over, but right now I'm still in the stage of not getting enough of it.

5.) "Echo", "Lighthouse", "Love You Much Better", or really anything by The Hush Sound. They are my favorite band, I've loved them for years and have yet to tire of their two CDs. If they never get back together, then I will be very sad indeed. Seriously, they're great stuff, look 'em up.

  OK, I needs to sleep now. Because I'm an old married woman now and staying up past eleven sounds yucky to me.


  1. That roomie was me, right? Great news: while I was in Africa I found a copy of the Take That cd that Shine is on. So if you want the real version, come visit me!

  2. Yes, of course you were the roomie. Who else could be that awesome? And doy I want the real version! Next time we're in Utah, fo sho.