Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Skipping Again. Day 26: My Definition of Love

 Oh, let me count the ways!

  1. Love is impromptu velociraptor impressions. McKay gave me an excellent one last night, he should get an Emmy for that.

  2. Love is buying Chipotle for your significant other on the day their blood has to be drawn. And your significant other really, really hates getting their blood drawn. I'm the significant other, by the way.

  3. Love is letting your sig. other rant about the same things over and over because they enjoy ranting about it.

  4. Love is dressing up like a dalmatian because your silly wife insists it will look awesome with her Cruella De Ville costume.

  5. Love is playing Cranium while pretending to have split personalities.

  6. Love is attempting to cook.

  7. Love is opening the door just a teensy bit to peak at your husband/wife while he/she's doing homework in the other room, and, when they catch you, saying, "Um. . . hi. I miss you."

  8. Love is wrenching the door open when you hear the sound of the key, because you're too excited to wait the extra couple seconds.

  9. Love is repeating the same phrase five times to your husband because he either has really bad hearing or ADD.

  10. Love is never having to say you're sorry. Haha, just kidding! Love is saying you're sorry all the time. And forgiving all the time. And then snuggling while watching Burn Notice.

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