Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! Day 8: Someone I Know Who Would Make a Great President

  I don't think I know anyone who would make a good president. Most of my friends/family are either too honest, too lazy, or would let the power go to their heads.

 And, because it's my birthday and right now all I want to do is catch up on The Amazing Race, I'm calling that good for today. Think I'll play a little Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy after.

  Hooray for nerdy!


  1. That is not true!! I would be a great president! Actually, I don't really feel like it. I'm going to go take a nap

  2. I'd vote for Cara! Happy Birthday! Am I the family member who is too lazy to be president? Or did you mean crazy?

  3. You're both too much like me--lazy.

  4. Wait... which am I? I'm not lazy, I don't think my honesty would get in the way, so am I the megalomaniac?