Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day Seven: Fav Cover of Fav Song... Meh.

  Looking at this list, there's quite a few music-related ones. Which is kind of boring to me. So, I'm changing this question. It is now going to be "Favorite Spin-Off Book".

   *Ahem* My favorite spin-off book is Phantom by Susan Kay. It tells the story of the Phantom of the Opera from the beginning. And I MEAN the beginning. From Erik, the Phantom's, birth, to his death, some 70 years later. It explains everything that may not have made sense when reading the original novel, or even the musical, as it manages to combine them both. Christine doesn't even enter the story until the last fifth of the novel, because this isn't really her story. She's just a part of Erik's dynamic life.

  Susan Kay really must have done a TON of extensive research, because she seems to know all the lingo and details of architecture, ballet, gypsy lore, the Paris Opera House, ventriloquism,  etc. If she's making any of it up, she did a heck of a job.

  I cried in the first chapter. I had a rueful smile when I finished the last page. Though the ending is far from the original novel or the play, it's much more satisfying to me (with lots of delicious irony! Hooray!). As someone who has been fascinated by this story for seven-odd years, it was an incredible read. It is a bit expensive, though. If you want to give it a whirl, I'd suggest checking your local library first.

  If you're a Phantom of the Opera nut like moi, here's a quick link to bliss:

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