Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter or Diabetes Day

  For our first (married) Easter together, I wanted to give McKay the experience I had growing up. I spent more money on chocolate and plastic eggs than I did on groceries this week, and hid them all over the house.

  Yeah, we're pretty cute.
   McKay had a fun time looking in places I hadn't even thought of, and I was gleeful every time I stumped him.
   Sylvester stood in as the traditional Easter Cat in Bag.

  When it was all said and done, and McKay was surrounded by enough loot to ensure we both inevitably get diabetes, he looked up at me. "This is all for me." he said, like a wondrous six year old. "And here's your share."
  If you can't tell, he is handing me two jelly beans.

  Sylvester also likes hunting eggs, but he's more into intimidation. He shows those eggs whose BOSS around here. (sorry it's sideways, it goes right side up at the end)

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