Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Pregnant Woman . . . And Me

  My in-laws are pretty much great at everything. They're chill, they're all incredibly artistic/creative, they're super positive 900% of the time, and they make me die a little inside. In, you know, a good way.

  McKay's oldest sister, Crystal, is also pregnant, and due about a week before me. I was thrilled when I heard, and I was also incredibly excited that I'd get to hang out with her in Colorado and could swap pregnancy stories with her. You know, complaints about aches and pains, that sort of thing. I forgot two very important things, though: 1. Crystal is Super Woman, and 2. Crystal never complains about anything. Ever.

  Here are some of my feeble attempts at "Pregnancy Bonding":

 ME: Oh, man, my feet are killing me after walking around that mall! How are yours, Crystal?
SUPER PREGNANT WOMAN: (considers for a moment) Um, I guess they hurt a little.

 ME: I forgot that it's so hard for me to sit for so long at movies with my back now! Do you ever have that problem, Crystal?
SUPER PREGNANT WOMAN: (obviously humoring me) Oh, a little bit.

 ME: I am so incredibly tired. I feel like I could nap pretty much all day. Do you feel tired, Crystal?
SUPER PREGNANT WOMAN: Not so much right now, actually.

  Yeah. After every "hike" (really more of a walk), swim, or pretty much any activity, I would recoup for hours, drinking gallons of water and napping until I get to the point where I do not want to crawl into a hole and die. Meanwhile, Crystal is caring for and playing with her two kids (both under four, and without her husband's help since he had to work and couldn't come to Colorado), helping her grandmother with dishes, cooking with her mother, helping her father with projects, etc. When I became incredibly dehydrated at church and nearly passed out/threw up and had to leave early, Crystal offered to make me lunch when she got home. I imagine that after I've gone to bed (at about ten PM, because I'm pathetic now and would rather sleep than do anything else 99% of the time), Crystal puts on a cape and runs around, saving the environment with magic rainbow-vision and rescues all the dogs in the tri-state area that are about to be put to sleep. Because that's how cool Crystal is.

  Welp, time for my nap. Because writing about this has exhausted me.

 P.S. Be sure to take the poll on the right about whether you think Baby is a girl or boy! We'll (hopefully) know one way or the other in four days. FOUR DAYS, PEOPLE! Craziness.



  1. Before you beat yourself up too badly, let me tell you that I was super tired with my first pregnancy. As I started reading your blog entry, I thought, "I wonder if this is Crystal's first pregnancy?" I know everyone is different, but I was more wiped out with the first pregnancy, especially the first few months. I'm glad Crystal is cool, but you are, too, Julia. :-)

  2. LOL

    I am excited to hear Crystal is prego too! Anyway, Don't get to disheartened every woman experiences pregnancy so differently, you can't really compare.

    I just realized that I haven't met you in person yet but I think you are awesome. perfect match for my cousin McKay (say hi for me)


  3. Dear Julia,
    Just so you know, I HATED the way I felt the entire time of all three of my pregs. I was pretty much miserable and a total whiner. I also was in awe/sick-with-envy of all the others who seemed to breeze through the experience. Don't feel guilty. Just sleep, drink and eat whatever you need to to keep yourself, your sweetie and that little one happy and healthy. Thank goodness the end result is sooo awesome, or I'd just be a crazy cat/and or dog lady that you have to see at a reunion every year.
    Love you!