Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best and Worst of Pregnancy

The Best: Everyone suddenly likes you when you're pregnant. At least at church they do. Good ol' pat on the back for "multiplying and replenishing", huzzah for me! But lots of other people who never noticed my existence before are all suddenly very concerned about how I'm feeling as well. Then I feel bad because I feel fine 99% of the time and everyone's giving me all this attention and consideration for nothing. But, hey, if my being enormous makes you want to be nice to me, I can live with that.

The Worst: I caught sight of myself in a store window the other day. It felt kind of like how people in their 80s describe how surprised they are at the old face looking at them in the mirror. Only I'm fat, not wrinkly. I was browsing through my old facebook photos, and it's amazing how much clearer I can see them now. Ones that I was SURE that I had looked oh-so-bloated in had me yelling, "What was I thinking?? I looked so freaking good!". Being pregnant sure puts things into perspective.

The Best: Hearing Lincoln's heartbeat at doctor's visits. Freaking awesome. Also, the fact that McKay has now agreed to the name Lincoln. I love my sweet husband.

The Worst: Can't sleep on my tummy anymore, due to the tiny person inside of it. Can't sleep on my back because I can't breathe (a fun fact I didn't know pre-pregnancy). Can hardly fit on my side due to the three men in my bed (McKay by my side, Sylvester at my feet, Lincoln taking up all the rest of the space). Basically, sleeping sucks. But I covet it.

The Best: I LOVE maxi dresses now. If I could, I would buy 10 more maxi dresses and wear only them for the next three and a half months. Maxi dress + pregnant woman = pure awesomeness.

The Worst: Sore back. Sore boobs. Pretty much sore everything.

The Best: Pregnancy is the perfect scapegoat for all your Fails. I use it a lot when I can't remember a word, or say something extremely stupid. "Dang pregnancy brain! I swear, normally I'm smart."

The Worst: Everything makes me cry now. EVERYTHING. I just teared up reading about an albino seal that none of the other seals would play with because he looked different. So. Freaking. Sad.

The Best: Family snuggle time. This means McKay is cuddling me, Sylvester is worming his way in to get to the love of his life (McKay), and Lincoln kicks Sylvester while he walks all over my tummy. For some reason this always makes me smile.

  What do I need to add to this list, all you mommas/mommas-to-be?


  1. OH Julia:) this was wonderful.
    The Worst for Me(yeah, it's not facebook official):) Peeing. All. The. Time.
    The Best: It's an excuse for craving wierd things and being hungry ALL the time:)

  2. Love your post!
    The best for me is the kicks and hiccups each night as I would lay on my side not sleeping because I couldn't get comfy. Those kicks were the best!

    Worst Heartburn and indigestion!!! Oh my get me my pepcidAC now! I had the worst time with that!