Friday, October 7, 2011

My Birthday in Retrospect

   Birthday morning:

  Breakfast on a tray, left for me by McKay. Or the breakfast tray fairy, one or the other. He would've done breakfast in bed, but McKay has learned that no breakfast beats sleeping in for me.

  Middle of the day:

  Waiting. Impatient. See last post, basically. Torture.

  7 PM:

MCKAY COMES HOME! Go out for Chinese. Come home stuffed, but for some reason McKay insists we do cake before presents, because presents always came last at his parent's house. Which is weird to me, presents should be unwrapped as soon as the whole family is home, everybody knows that. But whatev. Here's a video of me screaming and giggling uncontrollably because the trick candles we used are old and apparently explosive. McKay bought the trick candles for my birthday last year, and we've been too cheap/lazy to replace them with regular candles, if you were wondering.

  Sorry, McKay has a problem rotating the camera while taking a video.

  8 pm:

Presents, FINALLY! I am very spoiled, thank you again to all who contributed to my too-big pile.

  The carnage. I am victorious. I win! At my birthday! Also, you shouldn't slump when you're pregnant, apparently, because you will look like Jabba the Hutt. Ah, well.

  Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday, and to my fabulous family, both old and new!

  Oh, and happy birthday to my awesome brother, James! You're one year closer to death, buddy. I can say pretty much whatever I want to about James because he will never, ever read this. I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of something embarrassing to write about him, but honestly, all I can come up with are things he's strangely proud of. Like the time he wore pink pin-striped pants to school. That were a girl's size zero, which was really annoying, by the way, what girl wants a big brother who wears a smaller pant size than her? Anyway, happy birthday, Jimmy. Haha, I called you "Jimmy".


  1. That is an excellent pile of presents! James is in charge of your present from us, so you may never see one materialize. Also, what woman wants to marry a man that wears a smaller pants size than her? He pulled the same trick with our friend Aubrey's pants right before he left for his mission.

  2. Because Jes told you to, I'll bet a thousand birthdays.

  3. Well congrats, you are now 1021 years old.

  4. I was hoping he'd have a wittier come-back.

  5. And by that I of course're right.

  6. I'm one of the stalkers that read your blog. We used to live in Scottsbluff and that's where I met Nicole. I stumbled onto your blog from hers. I LOVE reading it. You both have a great sense of humor. I think you both should write a book.

  7. haha "I'll kill you!" That video made me realize how much I miss you much Julia. I love the hair on the cake too; looks tasty!

  8. I personally loved the mustache! And the squeals.

  9. Not your mustache. You don't have one. That I know of. Argh. I meant the cake. Ending now.

  10. P.S. I don't think James even knows I have a blog, let alone read it. You even got some comments. Wow, that must have been his birthday present to you!