Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video Games and Vitamins, Mostly

  I know, it's been forever. At least, for me. A WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT A POST??! BAH, WE MUST ALL KILL OURSELVES AND LAY SIEGE ON OREGON!! MAYBE NOT IN THAT ORDER! That's what you're all thinking, by the way. And I think the reason I just wrote "lay siege" is because I've spent more time playing Dragon Age Origins than doing pretty much everything else combined the last few days (thanks, Andrew! Or maybe not, I dunno, maybe some would consider this a bad thing). McKay and I basically take turns using my laptop all day and then have dinner conversations revolving around whether we decided to kill a group of bandits or show them mercy (we both ended up killing them. They were punks), and if we saved that war dog towards the beginning (I did, I did!). Can I say again, I love my husband.

 I've been in a bit of a slump since my birthday. Like the day after Christmas, and you realize that now you have nothing to look forward to for, like, ever. Except New Year's, I guess. But, seriously, the next fun thing is summer. Anyway, I took my solace by eating lots and lots of homemade cookies, candy corn (am I the only person in the world who likes candy corn?), Hershey's kisses, and birthday cake. Now, I'm no health nut (not by a long, looooong stretch), but it was getting pretty ridiculous even for me. I think I ate more sugar in one week than most people consume in six months.

  Then came my doctor's appointment. And the scale. I don't own a scale, partly because most of the time I'd rather not know, and partly because I don't want to spend money on something I have no room for. Somehow, I was shocked to see that I gained twelve pounds since my last doctor's visit. THREE TIMES MORE than I should have. Oops? It was a depressing day, I must say. Though on the plus side, I had a glucose test done, and for the first time in quite a long, long while, I did NOT cry when they drew my blood! Go me! I almost cried talking about it on the phone with McKay a few minutes later because I was still pretty shaken up, but that doesn't count.

  Another fun bit of trivia I was thrilled to learn about myself: The glucose test showed I'm iron deficient. So I need a supplement for that. Oh, also, my chronic Charlie horses are probably caused by a deficiency in calcium. So I need a supplement for that. Those plus my Vitamin D pills, plus my prenatals = I secretly think my doctor is being paid off by the vitamin corporation. And I'm not sure that there IS a vitamin corporation, but if there is, I imagine that they operate similarly to the mafia. And they are making bank offa me. Also, thank heaven for gummy vitamins. Except for the fact that McKay keeps stealing them, and they're NOT GUMMY BEARS, MCKAY, THESE ARE EXPENSIVE. And delicious.


  1. There is a vitamin corporation.

    They're actually using those vitamins to change the very nature of your baby, so that he'll be likely to grow up and donate money/time to the vitamin corporation! They hooked Jes on the Flintstone's vitamins, and I think they're coming for mNSDIFusdfui

    Buy more vitamins!

  2. I'm struggling with a recent candy corn addiction, too. All the women in the office are concerned about our weight, but we all take turns filling up the candy corn jar. This morning I felt a little off & ran out to get my first handful at 8:30 am. Usually I can make it till 10:30 or so. I felt like an alcoholic who plans to abstain until after dinner, but has her 1st drink while watching "Good Morning America".