Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pregnancy LIES

1. When you are pregnant, you will have thick, luxurious hair. It will shine, sparkle, and it could basically run for president on awesomeness merits. FALSE. Well, it may be thicker (not that my hair needed thickness, really), but it has also decided that the natural wave it has sported since I hit puberty at age eleven is no longer needed. Now just weird parts are wavy/uncontrollable, and the rest is lank and blah and very much not shiny. And the wavy parts will not straighten out no matter HOW hot my straightener is, so . . . basically I wear a lot of hats now.

2. Pregnancy glow. FALSE. I do not glow. The one person who told me I am "glowing" was the Relief Society President, and we all know that her real calling is to lie to everyone to make them feel good about themselves. I also think I wore too much blush that day, and that was the real culprit. On the plus side, my face is more clear than its been in eons. Another pregnancy lie I was often told was that I would get more acne. I'm very, very glad that one wasn't true for me. My ego really couldn't handle that right now.

3. The second trimester you will be bounding in energy! Third trimester it goes away. FALSE. I was exhausted pretty much constantly until a few weeks ago. When I hit my third trimester.

  Another thing I'm grateful I didn't have to deal with much is nausea. The first couple weeks were TERRIBLE, but after that I haven't had much trouble at all. And I never once threw up, thanks to my Super Gag Reflex. I really, really hate vomiting. So huzzah for me! I also never got light-headed, never got really weird cravings (which made me sad, I was looking forward to that), and I don't have stretch marks as of yet (truly miraculous, but I still have two and a half months to go).

  Of course, these are only pregnancy lies for me. I've learned that it's hard to say exactly what pregnancy will be like because everyone's so different. What were pregnancy lies/truths for you preggos or once-preggos? Or your wives, not gonna discriminate against all you non-existent male readers!


  1. I've struggled with the extra acne. So, luck you. The extra energy in 2nd trimester is also a lie for me. I think I could sleep 18 hours a day if I wanted to. ha ha. No weird cravings either. Sounds like your pregnancy has been fairly "easy," or as easy as a pregnancy could be. I'm happy about that for you.

  2. It's been relatively easy, but one thing I've had to deal with is the cartilage between my ribs has become inflamed due to my breasts becoming even huger than normal and extremely heavy. So I'm in near constant pain/discomfort because of that, which isn't so fun. But I could have it much, much worse, yes.

  3. Um, that's probably TMI. But oh, well. I really don't care about TMI since I've become pregnant it seems.

  4. Oh Julia:) Once again I am going to second all of this information completely. All of your lies have proven to be right on for me so far as well! I also feel like I am going to tear right down the middle up top, so don't feel bad for saying TMI because it was nice to hear I am not alone! One lie for me is the whole increase of needing to pee only in the 3rd trimester... I feel like that has been a CONSTANT for me this whole time. But the clearing up of acne has been so nice!:)

  5. I'm not pregnant. but i actually heard you lose hair. but i guess if you took vitamins you would have better hair. who knows =)

  6. One "lie" about my pregnancies was that one about being sick all the time. I was really tired but never sick.
    One truth was that I got my "second wind" during the second trimester. During the first 13 weeks I was tired. SO tired. I think was only awake for about eight hours a day. I vividly remember that the day my second trimester started (in both pregnancies) I had more energy. During the third I felt so big and was so uncomfortable (my back usually hurts, but with a baby pressed up against my spine it was ten times worse) that I just couldn't do anything.
    I actually have a half truth too. I didn't get weird cravings. I had one continual craving. With Ebby it was melted cheese. I couldn't get enough of it. And with Autumn it was chocolate. (although that one is still lingering and she's almost ten months old).
    Sorry for the long post.