Friday, October 21, 2011

Sad Nerd Day

  Despite being married for a year and a half and being seven months pregnant, I still get new crushes now and then. McKay is perfectly aware of these crushes, and they are the only thing that ever makes him jealous. Waiters that flirt with me? Nada. Conversations about ex-boyfriends? Zip. Random guys checking me out (not so much recently, but, you know, back when I was somewhat attractive)? Nope. But if I so much as mention Dimitri from Anastasia, his eyes narrow and he inevitably says something like, "I HATE that guy."

  That's right. My husband is threatened by my fictional character crushes. Which is rather strange because obviously there would be some difficulty in running away with a cartoon character, but, hey, I guess we all have a breaking point.

 I bring this up because I have a new fictional character crush. It's my companion in the new video game my brother Andrew gave me for my birthday, and he's British and blond and a complete dork. What girl can resist that combo, now, really? Anyway, Alistair broke up with me today. Or, you know, my fictional self. Some crap about him being king and we're both tainted with magical evil blood that will kill us both before we reach old age. You know, the usual garbage guys dish out when they dump you. It's not you, it's the darkspawn blood that now runs in your veins.

  I took it pretty hard. And I don't mean my character in the game took it hard, I mean me, Julia, took it hard.  I think I took Alistair's rejection harder than I have most of my REAL break-ups. The pregnancy hormones may have something to do with that. Or maybe not, I dunno, I get pretty attached to my fictional character crushes.

  So, reeling from Alistair's rejection, I turned to my romantic back-up in the game. Who also rejected me. No joke. I was rejected by TWO fictional people. In less than, like, ten minutes. I've been mopey and needy with McKay ever since. He doesn't have as much sympathy for me as I'd like, though. He probably thinks it's just deserts or something. Jerk. Not really, but still.

  Is there anyone else out there with insane feelings for people who don't exist? Please?


  1. I'm sure Joy will post shortly about Alistair to commiserate, so I'll just say this: (spoiler alert) Should you choose to replay the game, try being a human noble well trained in persuasion (end spoiler).

  2. Ok, Andrew knows me SO well.
    I fell in love with Alistair. I mean dreams and all. I don't think Andrew's jealous; I think he just thinks it's funny.
    Anyway, during my first play through Alistair also broke up with me. I couldn't handle it. I reloaded the game to a previous save and "changed" the story.
    I also had to redo the ending too (just so you know). My sanity just needed the right storyline.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell for Alistair's dorky ways! I wanted to re-do it, but there was no possible way for me to end up with Alistair at that point unless I re-started my whole game. I couldn't even be his mistress, but that's a pretty lame substitute, anyway. Only thing I could have changed was to make him not king, but then I wouldn't get to see his cameo in Awakening. *sigh*

  4. Okay, what cool game is this? And I have had crushes on fox Robin Hood and the rat guy (justin???) in the Secret of Nimh since I was about 4 (and still on going)!

  5. Hahaha, Nicole, I love you. And the game is Dragon Age: Origins. Kind of like LOTR mixed with a bunch of other fantasy plots. Very nerdy, but extremely addicting.