Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Can I Have Some More if I Haven't Had Anything Yet?

  A few weeks ago, I had a HUGE craving for s'mores. McKay took my multiple hints, luckily, and ran to the store for the necessary supplies.

  We went to a nearby park that has little grills available for public use. Unfortunately, it was a nice night. Meaning other people were there. Such as a large group of tween girls, who decided to hang out at a table near us, loudly spewing profanity and giggling incessantly. I was close to smearing melted marshmallow in their stylish hair. Stupid tweens.

  Anyway, that's why the face here:

Also, McKay kept telling me to act like I was happy. Which is a sure way to make me scowl, of course. I promise I was actually having a good time. OH, I remember why I actually made this face. McKay got Hershey's with almonds. Which I did not realize until I took a bite. Which was not cool with me. It was still delicious, though.
Lincoln grabbed one of the gooey marshmallows at one point. He thought it was great fun.

  Aaaaand that's about as close to camping as I like to get. Making s'mores in the park at night. Yay, s'mores!

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  1. I probably would have said something to those girls. That's the high school teacher in me. I kinda miss bossing teens around. They think they're so cool . . .