Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lincoln presents. . . Calvin and Hobbes!

  We did something awesome again!

  Well, mostly McKay did. He's the Photoshop wizard in the family and did 99% of the work. But I had the original idea, so yay me, too!

    Here's the original Calvin and Hobbes cartoon that was our inspiration, done by the brilliant Bill Watterson, of course:


    And here is our homage, an obvious work of art in its own right. We give you. . . Lincoln and Tiger Lincoln! (title is a work in progress)


  1. That is so awesome!! Can Lincoln stand by himself or did you photo shop yourself out? How old is he now?

    1. McKay photoshopped out his hand. He's almost nine months!

  2. Okay, McKay is freaking awesome at photoshop. I totally need some tutorials. Plus Lincoln is the cutest Tigger/Hobs I have ever seen! I want this framed on my wall!

  3. Pictures with text dubs? Totally argy. Well played.

  4. Seriously, can you guys get any awesomer?
    We love Calvin and Hobbes! Rob has like 5 of their comic strip books.
    I showed this to him, and he was quite impressed. :)

  5. Is this his Halloween outfit? I love it! Nice work people.