Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me!

  Yesterday McKay was home sick, and I decided that that meant I got to open my birthday presents early.

  Okay, this was my rationale: McKay was going to be home all day, which meant he would be missing a lot of work. Meaning there was no way he could come home early on my actual birthday. Also, as already mentioned, he was going to be HOME ALL DAY. So I had to decide whether I would rather celebrate a few days early and have my husband with me ALL DAY, or wait until my actual birthday, spend most of the day alone with Lincoln being bored, then have maybe 2-3 hours with McKay, in which to squeeze in making dinner, making cookies (I decided I wanted chocolate chip cookies rather than cake this year), open presents, etc. All of which I would probably be too exhausted to enjoy properly. So, yeah, it was kind of a no-brainer.

  After a morning of being responsible with cleaning and errands, McKay asked if I was ready to open presents. I commanded, in my most regal birthday voice, for him to bring them down.

  He handed me one small package and a card.

Lincoln refused to help me open things. I was saddened by this, as he normally loves ripping paper to shreds (teething. Lame).
   I read the card and, like a good sport, said, "Oh, geez. You're going to make me work for my presents, aren't you?"

  "YEAH!! It's fun!" said McKay.

  *big sigh* said I.

  I opened the present and it was an old hardcover version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. And, tucked into the end cover. . .

  A TREASURE MAP AND CODE! Of course. Here's a close-up:

  The numbers went along with the book. The first number was for the page number, second number to the line, and third number to the word on that line.

  I could tell from the symbols that the map was for the Masonic graveyard right across the street.
 McKay also did a pretty good job with the number of steps, there was only one time I couldn't tell which path through the tombstones I was supposed to follow.

Because what better place to celebrate your birthday than a graveyard, right?

   When I finally got to the appointed spot, there was a letter for me. . .

  . . . which said the presents were back at the house.

  Silly husband. How I love you and your weird, nonsensical schemes.

  Anyway, then I finally got my PRESENTS!! (I literally yelled, "PRESENTS!!" about twenty times while I was opening them)

   Along with this awesome print my mom and dad got for me (love it!), McKay painted me an adorable little canvas of another painting I love (which I didn't include a picture of here for possible copyright reasons, but trust me, it's friggin' rad), I got three new books, some DVDs (including The Avengers and season four of Doctor Who!!), and some accessories for our Halloween costumes we really needed. Plus more.

  No birthday is complete without a Lincoln in a box!

  Thank you to my wonderful partner in crime, McKay, and my parents for spoiling me far too much! Love you, and thanks for a memorable non-birthday birthday!


  1. I don't think there's a woman on earth that would blame you for opening presents early!!!

  2. ha I love this! and I can't get over how cute lincoln is, he's such a little allred.

  3. Haha that totally sounds like McKay! Happy Birthday!

  4. This is so cool. You guys have such a fun family! Happy Birthday!