Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do the Baby Dance

  So, for some reason, I sing a little song whenever I want Lincoln to dance. And he's usually happy to oblige. It makes me laugh every time:

  Lincoln also seems to think that shaking his head is a form of communication. We often do it back and forth for minutes at a time. MINUTES. Which is like years in baby time. He hasn't been doing it as much recently, so when he did it again yesterday, I quickly pulled out my new shiny iphone to catch it:

  And ONE MORE picture of fall leaves. I swear this isn't photoshopped in the slightest, the leaves were really THAT gorgeous. And I must share it with you. I'm sorry. It's a compulsion.



  1. The leaves ARE gorgeous, and Lincoln is SO CUTE!

  2. So cute!! My favorite is when Olivia and I dance to the radio on our way to work. If the song has any la las or doot doots, she even starts to sing along! Getting my children to dance is like one of the main reasons I keep having them.