Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  After MONTHS of preparation in gathering materials and some assembly required, here we are! Yet another reference to our obsession:

   I'm Amy the kissogram/Bobby and Lincoln is Rory the Roman! (It was cheaper to make Lincoln the Roman Centurion costume rather than McKay, or Lincoln would have been the Doctor. Then this costume pairing wouldn't be so incestuous-seeming. Ah, well) This is the only halfway decent picture of me, but it's still not great. This weekend we may do a better shoot so you can see all the details we spent all our time and moneys on.

   And, of course, we have to have a Doctor! I think McKay pulled it off quite well. Lincoln was a trooper and put up with our trick-or-treating for an entire hour. Thank goodness we have an excuse to go again! We got a good haul since next to no one goes trick-or-treating here, and people were giving candy by the handful.

  This is McKay in a "Minute to Win It" game at the church Halloween party. He started launching the cookie off his face and attempting to catch it rather than let it slide down. It looked incredibly Doctor-ish.

   A close-up so you can see some of the details of Lincoln's costume. His was BY FAR the hardest to do. The breast plate was bought at the dollar store and sized down for Lincoln by McKay. The cape was an old shirt from the thrift store, the leather skirt consists of old leather belts, boots, and a purse that we cut down to size and sewed (mostly done by McKay). The boots, pants, and red shirt were all thrift store finds. The bracers were made by McKay, as were the criss-crossing shoulder belt things.

  When it came to carving the pumpkin yesterday, I decided to only buy one because I knew McKay was going to do such an awesome job it would put me to shame. So I stuck to pulling out the pumpkin guts, something I enjoy more than I should. I then suggested off-hand that maybe we stick with the Doctor Who theme, maybe with a simple carving of the logo or maybe the TARDIS.

  "Or an Ood!" McKay joked.
  Or so I thought.

  He then looked up some videos of how to shave pumpkins to get more detail, and stayed up til 2 AM last night to finish this baby:

  He's just amazing at everything. It's so unfair.

  How was your Halloween?


  1. Oh my goodness, his costume is awesome insane!! You guys are so good at Halloween. I saw a $13 costume at Costco and bought it faster than you can say LadyBug. Trick-or-treating was so much fun. Olivia really got the hang of it after two houses and so we did more than I anticipated. I think she really loved having the attention of mom and dad at the same time totally and completely. Evidenced by the fact that she had to hold both of our hands and do a funny droopy walk.

  2. I LOVE the pumpkin. McKay is going to have to teach me how to do that (because I need more stress around Halloween). You guys look amazing, and the costumes are awesome! If any mortal can pull of the Doctor's vibe it is definitely McKay (oh, and you pull off the sexy kiss-o-gram well too! ha ha).

  3. Eric said to say "It looks pretty G-OOd." I am so proud of my spouse, ha ha. Livi and Ella said McKay looks JUST LIKE the doctor. Great job!

  4. You guys look simply smashing!
    Oh, and your creative use of household objects astounds me.

    And that pumpkin.... HOW??? So awesome.