Thursday, November 15, 2012

Downtown Disney

  In case you've never read this blog (or never ever talked to me), I LOVE Disneyland. My family has gone to Disneyland 4-5 times a year for as long as I can remember. It's my happy place. My safe place. If I go too long without going to The Happiest Place on Earth, I get what McKay calls my "Disney Shakes" from withdrawal. Anyway, I've gone quite a few times, and my family now has Disneyland down to an art. We like to drive down the day before and spend the evening at Downtown Disney. That way we're fresh and ready for Disneyland adventures in the morning without the long, frustrating drive to hamper our fun.

  Today was our Downtown Disney day. And just the small amount of time we spent there gave me enormous satisfaction, especially since it's the first time McKay's been here with Lincoln. And they are too cute to be allowed when they're together.

  First, though, we had to pick up McKay from his chemistry conference networking thingymagig. Since that was in Long Beach, McKay INSISTED we spend some time at the beach. I was not enthused about getting wet and sandy in November (though California beaches in November are still warmer than Oregon beaches in August). But McKay was adamant, so we made a pit stop.

  And, as usual, McKay was right. Dang it.

  Despite Lincoln's chubby little legs turning beet red, he had a ball! It took a little while for him to get used to it, but soon he was digging, crawling, and splashing along the tide (don't worry, I was close at hand to fret and be the official Ruiner of Fun). It was pretty freaking adorable. But not as adorable as this little gem we picked up at Downtown Disney:

  AWWWWW. Perfect baby size Mouse Ears!

  Then we had to go to the Lego store, which always has the most amazing (and GIANT) creations.

   Lego Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie! Aladdin was probably half my height. Genie was GINORMOUS. And, yes, these are all made with regular-size legos. Holy snap!

   Baby hulk!

  To infinity and beyond!

  While Mom picked up a candy apple, Lincoln decided he was far superior at pushing the stroller than us. He continued to push it as we walked back towards the car (though he had some help with direction, he did the pushing is all him).

 McKay also helped Lincoln express his inner swagger:

  We ended our Super Fun Awesome Sauce Day at the nearby Sheraton. I wanted some baby snuggles, but Lincoln was too busy practicing to be a chorus girl. As depicted here.

  Disneyland tomorrow, so more adorable photos and videos to come!

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