Monday, November 5, 2012

Homage to October 19th

  October 19th was supposed to be a special day, full of fun and laughter and, most of all, the start of the last season of Community. But now, as explained by the cast, October 19th is now a feeling in our hearts to keep close. Here's the video explaining it all:

  McKay was preparing a special homage, but, like October 19th, it will have to be in a special place in our hearts, since it is no more.

  First, he grew a manly-like beard:

   After the premier was initially pushed back, he kept it a while longer, hoping it would be soon. But as that day became indefinite, he stylized his beard. The Starburns/Aex way.

  Keep October 19th close. It is a feeling of love. And itchiness, if you're McKay.

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  1. Seeing that video makes me irritated that October 19th was not, in fact, October 19th. I can't wait for Community!