Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stink-Face Girl

 Last night I volunteered to usher for the play currently showing at the local community theater. When I showed up last night, it was readily apparent we had a redundant amount of ushers. It was also apparent that many of the ushers knew each other and had worked together in numerous shows.

  One of them was a girl whose father regularly directs shows for the theater at which we were ushering. She was bemoaning the fact that, because everyone knows who her father is, she rarely gets cast, lest it appear that they are showing favoritism. Her minion ushers consoled her and added their own casting woes.

The director-daughter girl appeared familiar, so I asked whether she had been a part of the show Blood Brothers, which I had seen a while back.

  Her face showed the same level of disgust I imagine one would display were I to say something along the lines of, "I regularly bathe in my own vomit." After displaying said face for the proper amount of time required shame me, she replied in the negative.

  A little while later, it was revealed that Stink-Face is friends with a girl that I had worked with in Nick Tickle Fairytale Detective.

  "Oh, I saw that play," The girl said, her face once again showing great creativity (and flexibility!) in its ability to show revulsion.

  I counted five Mississippi's in the silence before replying, "Looks like you loved it."

  "Yeaaaaahhh," She said, her face twisting into new contours of disgust, "I was at the show where the kids wouldn't stop talking."

  "Yeah, that was pretty much all of them," I said cheerfully, neglecting to add that the children were supposed to talk during the show, as the whole thing hinged on audience participation.

   The actor-ushers delegated me to help theater-goers find their seats, which I was immensely grateful for. They paired me up with two ushers who were regular patrons. Both were extremely kind and I happily chatted with them during intermission. By the end of the night, both promised to come to see me in The 39 Steps next month.

  Thank goodness there are so many kind people in the world to balance out the jerks.

   Any of you guys have some good jerk stories? Or people-who-make-up-for-the-jerks stories? I'm down with either right about now.

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  1. Oh boy do I have a lot!!! I use to work as a lifeguard in the city of Palmdale Ca, I swear I had the worst boss who would act as a drill sergent then report to work drunk! He harrassed the women like there was no tomorrow! I really didn't want to return the next summer as a lifeguard but since they were offering me more hours (Due to the fact that we were understaffed) I figured "What the heck" Plus lifeguards make killer money. One day we were playing a game called under-water ball, it's like football only under water of course, I kid you not at one point one of my fellow lifeguards, whom I was on good terms with, held me down in the pool while my boss repeatedly punched me in the chest. I came up gasping for air only to have his cuss at me. I eventually quit my job, not because of him but because I later found out I was pregnant. Two months later though I lost the baby in a miscarriage :( at my new job, that I have now, one day a girl stopped by, whom I use to work with saying "Oh you had your baby?! How are they?" I then had to inform her about my losing my baby only to see her expression change drastically.

    My new job has it's perks and it's quirks, some days my co-workers and I are at eachothers throats but in the end we all remember that were all one team with the same goal which is customer satisfaction :)

    You are right to believe that the good people balance out the bad, and one thing that always keeps me going is the fact that God always has our best interest at heart, as my aunt has told me, and when we go thru life armed with this truth we end up on the other side, not just a meteocre side but a better side. (I'm totally quoting her right now haha) Haters will continue to hate but just remember there are always people who love you and those who don't are worth your time :)