Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Storybook Land

  In Albany, every Christmas they have what's called "Storybook Land". It's been going on for 36 years now, and it's basically a bunch of little booths (separated by Christmas trees, so the whole place smells great) that depict scenes from common fairy tales, nursery rhymes, Disney movies, etc. There's also a large model train area and mini village. For the price (free), it's a cute activity to take the kiddos to. Not to mention they have a Santa to take pictures with! Also for free!

  Lincoln, predictably, liked the lights best, and spent much of his time looking up.

 (not in this picture, obviously, but isn't this shared smile adorablz?)
 Yeah, the lighting wasn't great, sorry. Here's Lincoln and His Favorite Slave in front of the Three Little Pigs. By the way, have you guys read the whole thing of the Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe? She whips the kids and puts them to bed hungry?? What the scary, abusive frizz-nitch?!
  Lincoln looks WEIRDED OUT. Haha!
   Another part of Storybook Land is a miniature town. It was pretty cute, but when we noticed the silhouette of the little girl in the upstairs window (in the above picture), we were a teensy bit freaked out.
 This is actually a miniature of a real church here in town that I walk by frequently. It's a gorgeous church, so this model was my favorite part of the whole thing. Look at the teensy stained glass windows!
  Lincoln and Santa! He handled it the way he handles everything . . . looking slightly perplexed.


  1. I've always loved the architecture of that church, too. I only vaguely remember Storybook Land; obviously that wasn't a family tradition. However, it does remind me a bit of the Enchanted Forest, which is a lot of fun. (It's off of I-5, just south of Salem.)

  2. Man that Santa is chill. He's leaning so far back he could take a snooze if there was a break in the kids! :)