Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Did I Expect?

  Last night at rehearsal, a man asked us for permission to take some photos while we acted. We all agreed, and I didn't think too much about it. Until the photographer came up to me during our break to show me some of the shots he had taken.

  I meant to glance at it, give some generic praise and go back about my business. But as I looked, my heart fell through my butt and I yelled, "My legs look SO FAT!"

  "What did you expect?" The photographer asked, mystified.

  I tried not to take this too personally; I DID have a ten pound baby, after all, I feel like I should be entitled to fat legs. But the real kick in the gut for me was that I actually have been trying really hard to lose my excess baby weight. I've been dieting for months, and exercising more than I ever have in my life (not that that's saying much, but still). And here I was, (stupid me!) thinking it had made some kind of difference.

  I went back to the side project I'd been working on, trying not to wig out. The photographer then handed me his camera to show me another picture, which he deemed as "better". Like an idiot, I reached for it, full of hope. That last picture must've been a fluke, right? I thought.

  "I have a huge muffin top!" I cried. Trying to salvage my reaction with a joke, I said, "At least there's photoshop, right?"

  "Oh, yeah, good idea!" The photographer said.

  I came home and cried.

  Any of you guys have an illusion shattered lately?


  1. What in the heck!?!?! That's horrible. I'm so sorry. You think people would learn, but there always seems to be new idiots to take their place.

    I thought I was doing so good with my weight this pregnancy but when I asked my dr how much I weighed with Olivia at 32 weeks it was EXACTLY THE SAME. My mother-in-law likes to point out that since I was five pounds heavier when I got pregnant this time, I've gained five less pounds. That doesn't help.

  2. Holy crap. That photographer should not be allowed near people and neither should Kim's Mother-in-law. People need filters! Julia, you look beautiful, and he probably took the pictures from a bad angle, which he should have known better if he was a decent photographer. I've switched meds this week so I am lacking my "brush it off filter" and have now called out 3 different people for saying/doing stupid things. I'm like a one woman politeness police, all while being impolite. You guys should fly me out to chew people out for you before my meds kick in!

  3. So, last week Ebby was cuddling with me on the couch watching a movie when he started stroking my stomach. Weird, I thought but whatever, he's three. Then he said, "Another baby Mommy?" My first thought was that he liked Kaylee so much he wanted another little sister. "No" I said, "No baby." And then he replied with, "Oh, OK. Just big Mommy." I cried the rest of the day.