Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lincoln the Daddy

  Lincoln is going to be like McKay when he grows up, an excellent Daddy. He's already getting all the moves down. He showed me when he got the chance to grab his cousin Livi's baby doll in Canada. I thought it was going to be his normal let's-pull this-thing-apart-and-see-how-it-works deal, but he's really got a paternal instinct (all of these things were done with no prompting by me).

   He's got rocking.

 Stabbing baby in the face with the bottle.

 And throwing baby into the chair thingy when it just won't shut up and rocking it.
A week later, back in Oregon and babysitting for a friend, Lincoln had refined his bottle stabbing.

He's also getting quite proficient at strangulation hugs.

 Awww . . .


  1. He's telling you he's ready to be a big brother...;)

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